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ETSI SES SCN proposed a new WI on Cognitive SatCom

posted Oct 28, 2012, 11:04 AM by Alessandro Vanelli Coralli
The ETSI SES SCN (Satellite Communication and Navigation) working group proposed a new work item (DTR/SES-00343 ) on Cognitive radio techniques for Satellite Communications. The work item aims at proposing and analysing SatCom architectures implementing cognitive radio techniques for different scenarios where the SatCom service shall not create any harmful interference to another terrestrial or satellite service entitled to use the same spectrum on a primary basis. 

The work item deliverable, schedule for release in 2015, will report on the performed analysis and will aslo identify the ETSI standards that have to be created or changed for enabling this kind of architectures.

The work item is currently under the approval by the ETSI SES TC.

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